Joan Cusack's cheekbones

I watched School of Rock the other night, under heavy sedation, so I remember little of the actual plot and action. I remember the gal who sang like Aretha, and Jack Black generally being a good, but tamped-down version of himself. It was a good time.

But what really sticks in my head is Joan Cusack (and believe me, it’s not the first time…)

I love her. I think she’s a scream. And I’ve mentioned before that I refuse to believe that her brother is anything less than Lloyd Dobbler and Rob Gordon combined (hey, sue me). But I was a little disturbed by how skinny and angular she looked. It fit the character, and looked good, but…

No, now is NOT when I go into some tirade about body image and the responsibility of cool actresses to fight the dominant paradigm. I guess I just miss the little double chin she had in Working Girl, when she told Melanie Griffith, “I may dance around my apartment in my underwear, but that don’t make me Madonna.”

Am I wrong?

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