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So Brooks has done it, as have several of his friends. I felt at first like it would involve way too much work, but then I got all excited about some of the bands Brooks picked, and I also realized I had little else to do but snort more wine and crackers.

And then it turned into a very fun project.

And you will shortly see with what decade I have the most affinity/hipness.

Here follows my List of My 25 Favorite Songs. For an excellent explanation of the priorities in compiling this list, read Brooks’.

25. Tukka Yoot’s Riddim — Us3

24. Washing of the Water — Peter Gabriel

23. Let’s Stay Together — Al Green

22. Mr Jones — Talking Heads

21. Cocaine Blues — Johnny Cash

20. Please Don’t Bury Me — John Prine

19. Nightswimming — REM

18. Pictures of You — Cure

17. Glory Box — Portishead

16. Cure For Pain — Morphine

15. Everybody Knows — Leonard Cohen

14. That’s How Strong My Love Is — Taj Mahal

13. Start From Scratch — Galactic

12. Temptation — New Order

11. What is Hip? — Tower of Power

10. Fools Gold — Stone Roses

9. Fairytale of New York — Pogues

8. Texas Flood — Stevie Ray Vaughn

7. I’ll Be Your Man — Los Blancos

6. Exit Music (For a Film) — Radiohead

5. Hesitation Blues — Hot Tuna (Jorma Kaukonen)

4. Powderfinger — Neil Young

3. Superstition — Stevie Wonder

2. Use Me — Bill Withers.

1. Space Oddity — David Bowie.

I omitted any commentary on my choices, because once I started writing them, it turned out that each one was related to some great love, some great break-up, or some other long boring story.

After all, how else do we fall in love with songs?

Except for Bowie. He just rules.

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