Prognostication of the posterior

While going through my rounds of blogs today before settling down to doing real, actual work that I get paid real, actual money for, I discovered a repeating theme among three of my favorite reads. All were posted on about the same day, and it’s pretty clear it wasn’t one of those word-of-blog meme things.

All discussed poop.

Granted, all three are new-ish parents, and therefore their propensity for poopy pontificating might be shrugged off and delicately ignored by those of us whose main contact with non-proprietary poop (i.e., not our own, patented poop) is in, or at least near, the litter box. But they are all quite funny and highly entertaining, so I direct you first here, then here, and finally here. And, of course, it should be noted that one of these charming poets of poop is, well, known for her preoccupation with the products of the posterior.

But it made me laugh, and also made me wonder if this was an omen for the coming year. Not just that it will be filled with crap… we all know that, we lived through last year, so we have a pretty clear-eyed view of what’s in store, right? But beyond that, I hope that this is a sign that we will meet the crap head-on, as it were, and mock it, taunt it, belittle it, and shake it down for its lunch money. That we will stand firm against the crap, not cower in the corner and wish it would go away, or at least stop stinking up our corner of the house for a while. Fight the Poop. Fight the poop that be.

Or at least keep cheering each other on, and pass the mop.

Happy New Year!

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