Green Mountains

Well, the weather was just as bad as I feared it would be on our journey to Vermont, but we soldiered on and reached our destination without incident. It was fully snowing by the time we reached Montpelier, and traffic ground entirely to a halt on Route 100 heading into Stowe because of all the fallen trees and downed wires from the heavy snowfall. But I was serenely knitting away, thankful at least that we were no longer whizzing away at warp speed through quarter-mile visibility, so I was probably the least pissed off person in the stopped line of traffic during the hour it took to reach the village from the highway.

The next morning when we woke up the weather was fine, cold and grey and perfect for strolling about and sipping hot yummy beverages by the fire in roadside taverns, and as we are highly suggestible persons we did a fair bit of strolling about and sipping hot yummy beverages in roadside taverns, and then we ate amazing food here and I satisfied my jones for some mind-blowing local goat cheese from here.

Guys, just a reminder here: Vermont is freakin’ beautiful. I don’t know if you’ve never been, or you’ve just forgotten, or what, but seriously, why aren’t we all there right now? I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of room. I may or may not have further remarks on the subject of the broadening aspects of travel, and the lively debate in our household now about the pros and cons of life by the sea versus life in a certain small progressive college town in the mountains, but in the meantime, enjoy the pretty pictures.

Church Street

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