Yesterday was such a full day! By ten a.m. I had done the dishes and the laundry, then paid some bills, mailed my awesome mix tape to my best friend, and taken a walk. What has happened to me? I don’t know me anymore.

Then I went and met a bloggy friend for lunch at the Home of the Greatest Sandwiches in Town, and then we went yarn shopping. I bought four skeins of this yarn in celedon, and have started to make this. It was my first time meeting Marina, and let me tell you she is delightful. And makes a damn fine necklace. She’s a beader. I am going to give her some of the sock yarn that giveth me an headache; do you suppose this consititutes valid cause to hope for a necklace? We shall see. I am shameless that way.

Then I had a visit with my father, who filled me in on the latest gossip about the goings-on at this venerable institution, which I soaked up like a sponge. I dished the dirt about a few venerable institutions myself, we drank tea, all was right in the world.

I met our new next door neighbors — crackhead neighbor has officially departed, along with his bound-to-be-a-crackhead son. The new couple next door seem like very nice, intelligent, respectable people. They will use it as a retirement home, which suits me just fine. They are replacing the rotted, ugly fence that separates our properties, and are already undoing some of the more egregious landscaping errors the previous owner made. So, nice. Also, they hate the house across the street, and are equally outraged that it is only to be used two weekends a year. Honestly. There ought to be a law.

After being social with these two for a while, I knitted for a while, and rested my bones in anticipation of going out to see a band I like. I wrote all about that here, which is a place I write every Sunday, if you didn’t already know, so dig it.

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