singing in the rain

I am pretty sure that I saw a shooting star tonight! Right through my windshield as I drove past a roadside lake. Is that possible? Or even likely?

In any case, I hardly knew what to wish for. More days like today? The blessed monotony of things going well? The general continuation of my good fortune to be reasonably young, reasonably healthy, and gainfully employed?

I know the young thing won’t last, but I can at least hope for good health until I require it no more, and god willing I have collected my last unemployment check…

I think I saw a shooting star tonight, but I think it was less of an omen and more of a flourish — an adorable but extraneous bit of showboating on the part of my somewhat enthusiastically over-the-top higher power.

Like when Gene Kelly does a kick turn off a lamppost, but tops it with a goofy grin and a rakish shove forward of the old chapeau.

Look what I can do! Isn’t it NEAT?

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  1. So what is this? Day two? Day three of reading the entire history of your blog? I forget, I can’t be bothered with such details of how many days have gone by without participating in the outside world and such. My husband doesn’t even see me anymore unless he comes into the office where I’m slumped over a cat and staring at my shiny bright computer screen. Anyway. I love you. Have I told you that? Because I do. So there. It’s out there. And look at that. You even made me go out and start blogging again. Damn you.

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