the life i've had could make a good man bad

Year in review meme, via Joey Michaels.

Post the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2006.

The best part about it being New Year’s Day, besides being one of a handful of people on the planet not hungover today, is that we can all go back to normal now.

The most important thing I can tell you about bra shopping today is to stay away from department stores.

I am trying to innoculate myself against another case of the Friday Night Crazies by going out tonight.

It might not be the wisest move, but I have opened the windows.

Sorry I haven’t written.

Getting dirt out from under one’s fingernails is less work than you might imagine, if you have the right tool.

Oh my stars and as I live and breathe, but home repair is a rewarding pursuit.

OK then.

Is there a more fitting end to summer than a cold, wet and rainy labor day weekend?


We (finally) bought a new computer today.

I am waiting for the angry red line of thunderstorms that has been progressing rakishly across the northeast to finally make its acquaintance with our side of the state.

I did just fine on the test. they tell you your scores right away nw, didja know that? Well they do!

I scored 20 points higher than I did on the practice exam last week, and I was cool with how I did on the practice exam. I was slightly more than meh on the practice exam. So I did 20 points better than just above meh.

And that works for me.

It was odd to be in the same room with all the other kids, all of whom were clearly just out of college, and to see the anxiety and panic in their eyes as they approached this test.

I realized that I was more lots more sanguine than they were, probably due to the apathy that comes with age (and people think kids have cornered the market on apathy! Well, let them. Who cares).

At the end of the day, I already have a job, a career, a place to live. These kids are taking this huge scary test and trying to take care of all those other things. I so win.

On the other hand, at the end of the day, they are still 22, and I am still 35.

I’m not sure who gets the bell on that one.

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