I got accepted to grad school.

Starting this fall, I’ll be taking classes part-time towards an MPA.

How the hell am I going to pay for this?

Where am I going to find the time for this?

Whose idea was this again?

Oh my God, though, this means I get to get GRADED again. Please understand that I love being graded. Where else can you get such easily quantifiable validation and affirmation?

oooh grademegrademegrademe

I’m going back to grad school. holy shit.

Let’s hope I get it right this time.

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  1. Hurray for school! The Rock Grrl I know and love will do just fine because she is determined and has this never-ending well of energy. Where you get it from I don’t know, but I have a theory that you stole mine. Until I get it back from you, I’ll sleep for both of us.

  2. am thrilled to have talked with you this evening, chicky. Be sure to give me a holler when you’re coming into town, eh? xoxox.

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