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If you don’t already know, I also write at this group site over at a place called Teatro Triste del Clown.  It’s kind of new, but is populated by some pretty awesome people who get paid to tell lies for a living — and then there’s the rest of us, who just lie because it’s fun.

It’s kinda like literary improv.

We have just started a big group writing project called Brunswick Junction — or, I don’t know, the Chronicles of Brunswick Junction, or the Annals of Brunswick Junction (although I seriously doubt any of the writers could seriously use the word “annals” with anything resembling a straight face).

Anyway, it takes place in a fictional town in Maine called Brunswick Junction.  In the year 1977, a year that was apparently some sort of massive watershed year for the ill-fated town.

 I suggested 1977 because that’s the year Star Wars came out, and everything changed.  Joey, the Site Director, suggested the 1970s as a setting because he thinks that was the creepiest decade of them all.

 And who can argue with that?

Anyway, it’s supposed to be creepy, and funny, but mostly creepy.

Read all about it.  This is gonna be bigger than Twin Peaks.

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