Once again, work has been an awful lot like work again.  Not really sure why that is. 

Not that one doesn’t like one’s work, one just wishes one could turn off Work Brain and segue more efficiently into Weekend Brain on Friday evenings.

There’s a pretty serious line of thunderstorms pointed straight at my house right now…


…they should be here in about ten minutes — so that ought to provide enough of a distraction to keep me from checking my work email obsessively.

I’m not always like this, you know, but it’s June now, and our megahuge event is in August, and I’m somewhat amazed to find that I am responsible for a large part of its success or failure. 

It’s cool though, nobody digs responsibility like I do, but it does keep me up some nights.  OK, most nights.

(Whoa, that wind is really picking up there.  Better close some windows.)

So this weekend i am going to try to concentrate on weekendy things, because the next eight weeks are going to take a big old bite out of my personal life.  Maybe shove some planty things into the ground, maybe clean out the shed, probably help a friend move on Sunday because I believe strongly in moving karma.

(Yikes that was some serious thunder!  i should proably unplug the computer!  But… OH! and here comes the rain!  Nice, sudden, sogging spring downpour…)

OK THAT was some thunder.  I’m unplugging this thing.  Back later when a computer-damaging power surge is less of a real concern.

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