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Well, the bad news is that I don’t really feel any better today than I did yesterday.  In sickness, as in all things, I generally insist on linear improvement.  I prefer exponential, but will settle for the merely geometric.   Alas.  Disappointed again.

The good news is that I had been planning all along to start a seven-day detoxification diet right after The Big Event, to wash my body clean of all the gallons of coffee, mountains of packaged food, and insane amounts of stress I either ate or internalised over the last few months. 

So the fact that Day One (today!) of this little detox occurs just as I am engaged in kicking a head cold to the curb is all the better.  I’ve got real motivation to purge the crap from my body, since I actually feel like True Ass, and not just the Downtrodden Derriere (Beknighted Buttocks?  Ramshackle Rear-End?) I am acclimated to, and therefore hardly even notice anymore.

Mostly this diet consists of lots of steamed vegetables, brown rice, and some lean protein like chicken, fish, and/or tofu.  Also green tea, some insanely tasty veggie broth, more green tea, and some homemade shakes, which suits me, since I never had found a use yet for that blender Grammy gave me last year.

So yesterday I bought just a ridiculous amount of fresh vegetables, and today I chopped them up and I steamed them.  Also I made a huge batch of brown rice.  At the same time as I was was heating up the kettle for some green tea.  So the sauna was in full effect, and it was pretty great. 

The regimen (which I first heard about through the fabulous-along-many-vectors Lolly) also calls for a nightly bath, in a mixture of salts and lavendar essence, which I have to say sounds downright fantastic to me right about now, too.  So I also cleaned out the bathtub with baking soda and blazing hot water this afternoon.  Also helpful (read: steamy), and fun in an anticipatory sort of way (I’m gonna meet you!  You’re gonna meet me!).

The other good news is that I bought myself some gorgeous new sock yarn the day before I got sick, and so I have had its subtle hues to soothe me through my travails.  Also, it is the first sock I have ever knit on the dreaded size zero needles! 

It is another one of the Nancy Bush socks out of Knitting Vintage Socks— the Lichen Ribbed Socks.  Although I am not planning to build an entire ouevre based on Nancy’s patterns like Lolly is, I am pretty into the idea of knitting resurrected Victorian sock pattterns.

Which says a lot about me, I think.  Alas.

sock zero

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  1. will you knit me fingerless gloves. they’re easier, right? i’ll buy the yarn :)

    oh, um, when you’re feeling better, of course *winkwink

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