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So remember how I was doing that whole no-crappy-foods-diet thing after my horrible head cold of horribleness?   Still doing it.

As I said, it mostly consists of steamed vegetables, rice and beans (any protein will do — after two weeks I’ve settled on canned navy beans as the laziest possible solution to What’s For Dinner), a super-delicious homemade protein shake (mine are all raspberry-themed, although I have branched out into blackberry with some success), vegetable broth, and occasional and/or frequent nibbles on mixed nuts and/or delicious pistachios. 

The awesomest part has turned out to be how I make everything in advance — a big batch of brown rice, a huge batch of steamed vegetables, and a big ol’ pot of veggie broth for sipping off and on all day — so my cooking has devolved into tossing a fistful of this and a fistful of that into my favorite bowl, microwaving it for a few minutes, and kapow!  Dinner.

I have also suddenly become somebody who brings her lunch to work, which I never had been before.  I won’t say that I am suddenly getting tons more work done without a lunch break, because let’s face it:  I always got tons of work done.  I kind of kick ass at work.

But I AM a hell of a lot less mood-swingy and low-blood-sugar-cranky at various points throughout the day, now that I have a full day’s supply of shakes and broth and a yummy rice-and-beany lunch tucked away in the mini-fridge.  I pretty much eat all day.  You know, just to keep my spirits up.

And yes, I have lost 14 pounds in two weeks.

So perhaps that is the awesomest part after all.

Also, my skin has cleared up.  I used to have all kinds of terribly attractive stressy dry skin on my forehead and arms, and that has somehow been removed from me.

So hooray!  I am marginally hotter than I was two weeks ago!  Let’s make out.

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  1. “Let’s make out”


    Hurray for 14 stinky pounds lost!!! Oh, if only I didn’t love my cupcakes so much I would possibly consider your detox diet… but the cupcakes… they ARE delicious…

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