a model of restraint

So this weekend marks the one-month anniversary of doing this detox diet, and I have to say that I have been pretty disciplined about it, too.  I’ve totally given up coffee, and can’t say I miss it, although I am usually grateful for my one cup of green tea (not decaf) that I’ve been having most mornings.  The difference being that I can actually refrain from consuming caffiene for a couple of days on the weekend without actually gettnig a splitting headache and occasional fits of road rage. Which is nice.

Also nice is how my skin has (mostly) cleared up, I sleep much better, and I have a strong, steady supply of energy throughout the day.  The weight loss has slowed down but not halted, and I’m down a total of 16 pounds so far.  Which has mostly manifested itself as oh wow these pants don’t hurt as much to wear anymore!

I’ll take it.

So it was with not a small amount of vicarious pleasure that I went shopping this morning for the finishing touches on my birthday present for Saucy, most of which involved a HUGE PILE OF CHOCOLATE.  I’m not kidding.

I got her this sweet handmade bag on Etsy with an appliqued chocolate bar on the outside, and decided the ONLY appropriate way to hand it over to its new owner was bulging full with chocolate.

So there I was this morning, thoughtfully perusing the truffle selection at the Chocolate Sparrow, knowing full well that none would pass my lips.  But that’s OK because I’ve never really been anything but a mild appreciator of chocolate.  Like, when chocolate show up, I’ll nod my head in acquaintance and keep talking, while everybody around me is throwing themselves prostrate on the floor in abject worship and adoration.  So there’s that.

Nor did it really bother me to go to the megamart and buy the family pack bags of peanut M&Ms, Heath bars, Reeses peanut butter cups (crunchy!) and assorted other chocolatey sundries.

What really got me was the smell of the sandwich she got for lunch.  I am a fan of the sandwich.  Especially the type of sandwich that involves caraway seeds (any kind of rye or pumpernickel will do) and melted cheese.  mmmmmmmmm.

So while I am loving the new regimen and enjoying a modest level of success and satisfaction with it, I fear that my dreams tonight may be laced with thoughts of grilled cheese sandwiches, mozzarella and basil panini, gruyere and cheddar omeletes,and big, juicy turkey clubs.

Ah, bacon.  I knew thee well.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, that sandwich gave me an orgasm when I got home. So I guess what I’m trying to sayin is that you’re not the only one who’s hot for that sandwich, but I have a feeling that I’m going to be the only one that will be rolling around naked on a bed covered in peanut M&Ms tonight.

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