even sexy double entendres can't make it all better

Yeah, I’m sorry, but suddenly we are seriously understaffed at work and I seem to be working 80 hours a week again.  It’s not particularly stressful extra work, just extra work and lots of it.  Suddenly there is nobody to delegate to, and I am left having to lick all my own envelopes again.

…which now sounds vaguely dirty enough to almost make me enjoy it!


So, uh, you want a job?

um.  Seriously?

When can you start?

How’s now?  Is now good for you?

What makes it all worse is that we lost somebody I really liked, dammit.   She got all my stupid pop culture jokes.  She thought I told good stories.  She did stuff right, and now I have to train somebody else who will do stuff wrong and not be nearly as adorable doing it.  Dammit.

Also, oh fabulous, adorable, but totally ex-colleague who just left for the great Canadian hinterlands, you can stop pretending you don’t read my blog now, and make some goddamn comments.  I’ve totally seen your IP address on my blog stats for the last year.  You can’t hide from me.  Just ask East Falmouth over there.  She’ll tell ya.  There isno hiding from the great site meter.

Now get back here and lick some envelopes!


I hate goodbyes.


4 Thoughts.

  1. Oh dear ex-colleague… I too will miss you! Because, although I am not as smart as our dear Rockgrrl here… you did laugh at all of my jokes even if they weren’t funny. Do you know how hard it is to find people like that?! Especially since I tell very very bad jokes??

    Le sigh.

    And did I ever tell you how much I loved your clothes? And those awesome green shoes, for which I will always remember you by? Because there is no one else on earth who could pull those shoes off but you and I totally have shoe envy.

    BTW, I love you Rockgrrl for totally letting me hijack your blog for a sec… wish I could lick some stuff for you, but alas… my hands are tied…

  2. oh, it’s me, east falmouth and my heart is a pitter-pattering with the call out.

    There is no hiding from Rockgrrl. She will call you out if you read and do not comment.

    [Ed: Portions of this comment were deleted to protect what is left of my anonymity. The answer is yes, I know, I had actually figured that out ages ago via the mighty sitemeter, and, um, January 3, 2006.]

  3. i have been reacquainted with the technologic world and wanted to see how things were – to my surprise the mention of me in your blog (how i do feel ever so special!) i miss you guys too. clearly, i will never find a job like the one I had with you but i will always carry it with me. i need to make a blog soon! i’m still setting things up around here but i want to take pictures and post – so i’ll let you know. p.s i might need your help.
    also, saucy, they have lots of amazing shoes up here in montreal! maybe you should come visit?
    i miss you guys and hope all is well – the weather is changing up here as is everything else and i’m excited! hope the same goes for you.

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