a good dressing down

We left Brooklyn this morning and endured a strangely grueling drive back to Cape Cod that left me foggy-brained and weak.  I’ve only just now started to feel normal again, having dosed myself liberally with all the delicious blogs I didn’t have the time to read while on vacation.

However, I am still pretty queasy, there’s some sort of Game Seven going on in the other room, and I still haven’t packed my lunch for my first day back at work tomorrow.  So the full vacation report will have to wait.

But here’s what I’ve been wanting to tell you: I saw, and sat near, Rob Corddry at the preview of Young Frankenstein I went to on Thursday.  He was with a very pretty lady with auburn hair.  I also noticed she was wearing a very pretty dress.

On our way out of the theater, I walked behind a different lady who was wearing the exact same dress as Rob’s auburn lady, only hers was a different color.  The different-dress lady was crying.


Moral: At any given social event, there will always be a prettier lady, with a cooler boyfriend than you, and in direct proportion to how new your outfit is plus how much you love it and feel like teh hottness in it.

Another thing I noticed about New York, and Brooklyn especially:  The ladies are wearing some freaking adorable frocks these days.

Also, I discovered just now that Rob Corddry was at UMass for the exact same four years I was at Mount Holyoke, right down the street. 

Probably we would have hated each other then.

Unless, of course, the conversation had somehow worked its way magically around to Mel Brooks movies, in which case we may very well have ended up making out.

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