pillow fight

No, I don’t hate you.  I’m just a very, very driven career girl.

BUT I am taking some time out tonight to actually be SOCIAL and have a pajama party with Saucy.  I am totally going to put off working through the weekend until tomorrow, even though I actually left work today at five pm like some sort of PARTY ANIMAL.

It wasn’t my choice, the leaving work on time.  I was out doing worky things with the boss and she sort of shoved me out of the car in the parking lot and ordered me to go home and be young and flighty for an hour or so.  Or for as long as I could sustain it until my head exploded and I had to go organize something.

So I am doing as I am told!

Saucy has threatened to bake all sorts of fattening things for me, after she cooks me a very safe and low-fat dinner of like fish and rice or something, which is all going to send some insanely mixed messages to my body, which has oddly decided to keep the 20 pounds off that I recently lost, even though I have been brutally off-diet ever since my heavy travel schedule started about a month ago.  I have a feeling that won’t be quite true after an evening at Saucy’s house.  She is, um, the devil.

Hooray!  I’ma change into my jammies now!

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