transparency is the new black

So we’re off to Syracuse for Christmas tomorrow.  Not that I want to, but I have to.  You know how it is.  In-laws, and all that. 

Well, at least going to Syracuse and being only mildly uncomfortable will relieve me of the obligation of staying here and being truly uncomfortable with my family.  I just wish I didn’t have to drive 7 hours each way to do so.

I’ll be back Tuesday night…

I know, I know.  I really hardly ever post here anymore.  I’m sorry.  I, uh, you see…

There’s someone else.

Now, the last thing I want to do is hurt you.  But I can’t help how I feel. 

If you need me, or just want to talk, I’ll be on Twitter.

If you know my name, do please find me there.  If you don’t, well, ask me. 

I’m still writing – quite a lot, in fact! – but more and more of it is happening on Twitter. 

I would LOVE to see you there. (Really.  Ask me for my username – I’ll probably tell you.  Just leave your email in the comments.  I’m kind of over being mysterious.)

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