good night irene

Today was a busy day!

I had a lot to do, and not many hours to sleep before I did it, so I set my alarm to get up at a reasonable time that would allow me to arrive at my work-related destination AND allow me to purchase a large steaming cup of coffee at my Nearby Locally-Owned Coffeeshop©.

But, curses!  I was foiled! As my alarm failed to go off, and I was instead awokened (see! I am tired! and ungrammatical! how charming!) by the boss-type-person, calling me on my phone!

I was of course grateful to have been awokened not too tragically long after my alarm was supposed to have gone off, but my lateness meant forgoing (a) a shower (b) my coffee and (c) more sleep, dammitt.

Fortunately, I had been in the midst of one of those totally vivid dreams that I have sometimes.  This one was a dream in my highly popular going back to school in a gorgeous location with lots of fascinating people and kicking ass genre.  It usually involves me setting up my new living quarters in some awesome Hogwartsian tower-room dorm, and wandering my new campus and meeting new friends and going to classes and drinking coffee.

YES. I drink coffee and GO TO SCHOOL in my dreams.  In my GOOD dreams.

YES. I have a total of THREE kinds of dreams.  Sex dreams, Chase Dreams, and Oh-Dear-God-Please-Let-Me-Go-Back-to-School-and-BE-GRADED dreams.  I am teh geekness.  Get used to it.

So the dream, it was great; the dream, it was vivid; the dream, it stayed within me all day, like the taste of really good pistachio ice cream that you can still taste in your mouth for hours after your cone has been consumed and tossed into the trash cans outside Sundae School.

All day, at times of stress, I would reach inside to the back of my mind and taste my dream again.  And Lo, it was Good.

So lots of things happened today, pretty much all of them good, and as I stumbled drowsily back into my house, feeling satiated with accomplishment and praise, I noticed my dream pushing outward on the membranes of my wakefulness and making its presence known.

dream me again

it is saying

and I am good at doing that

I can re-enter really good, vivid dreams if I want to

and I want to so I will

I think this time I will major in English

or British History

and try for that scholarship to study a year in Oxford this time



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