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So I’m at some lousy store, spending the $50 gift card that somebody who does NOT know me very well gave me for Christmas.  I actually loathe this store, as it gives me awful, vivid flashbacks to my childhood of penury, but hey, $50 is $50, and I have needs.

Today my needs are focussed on my breasts, as they so often are.

I have been in desperate need of a new bra or three for about 6 months.  I’m not crazy about the bra selection here, in this lousy crap-ass store, but I am desperate and the idea of free undergarments charms my black soul.

I am also in need — OK, “want” — of a cheap-ass webcam, because, well, because I’vebeen getting started on Seesmic and although I LOVE my new Flip camcorder, the translation from Flip to Seesmic is still a little buggy.  Seesmic is really built for people with built-in webcams on their laptops (i.e., mac people), so until I get my savings back up to the right levels after the holidays and can buy me a MacBook, I am still stuck using this crappy old desktop PC that has sucked air ever since we bought it over a year ago.

So I figured I would use some of my free money at the lousy store to buy a lousy webcam, and Hey! Whaddya know?  It is lousy.

So far it does the trick, it’s getting around all those buggy bits I was encountering because I wasn’t recording directly into Seesmic, but the video quality is FAR below that of the Flip, which is depressing.

So I don’t know.  I know I don’t want to spend any of my MacBook savings on another, better webcam, since once I have a MacBook I will no longer have this problem.

I’m afraid this is another case where the best move is Suck It Up and Save Money Faster.

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