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I just noticed there’s a growing uproar over on Twitter about this ad hosted on the Motrin homepage.  (If the Motrin team is listening to social media at all, that link won’t work for long.  I wonder how long the ad will actually live on its homepage?)

Check out the Twitter backlash here.


It seems this ad just appeared, and I just watched it — it’s a kind of frenetic, mostly text-based appeal to “moms who wear their kids” in slings, backpacks, and whatnot, to use Motrin to ease the back pain kid-carrying can cause.

Oddly, the narration seems to doubt the very wisdom of “wearing” your kid, and implies that women do it just to “look like a real mom.”  Then it calls them crazy.  Then it asks them to buy Motrin.

Interesting.  Doesn’t seem to be going over well.








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  3. The condescending tone of the woman in the ad is a large part of the problem. It is also just plain offensive. Mothers don’t wear baby slings to be fashionable or trendy. Moms are not “crazy” either as the ad suggests. Where were Motrin’s focus groups? I’ve received online surveys asking my opinion of a company’s advertising in the past. Did Motrin survey mothers? My jaw dropped when I saw this ad. I just don’t know what to say other than offending your target audience is not the best strategy, Motrin.

  4. This totally reminds me of moms who complain about baby jail and feel like having kids has put a crimp in their style. I try very hard to be understanding and not judgmental of those women, because I know that their feelings are just as valid as my own.

    I wore all three of my kids in front packs and backpacks from the day they were born until they didn’t want to be in the carriers any more. We traveled all over the world, literally, with the sprouts in tow, and I can’t imagine doing that without wearing the kids. OMG!

    Back aches? Pain from it? Mmmm… maybe I had an unfair advantage because I was so young?

    Of course, if you’re takin’ the Motrin, I’m not sure if you should be breastfeeding — you know, that other thing (ahem, we) crazy moms do for MONTHS, sometimes even YEARS! 😉

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  6. Women have been carrying babies in slings for hundreds of years…WITHOUT MOTRIN. Does it make me any less of a mom because I used a stroller instead of a sling….I lovingly pushed my stroller and guess what……NO MOTRIN.
    Actually we are so well adjusted that in the future we will be taking Tylenol.

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  8. I ‘wore’ each of my 5 babies. A long time. Because I wanted the very best for my babies.

    And I nursed them. A long time. Because I wanted the very best for my babies.

    And since I was breastfeeding, I didn’t ever, ever take Motrin. Or any of its cousins. Because I wanted the best for my babies.

    This ad is just another of Big Pharma’s many and constant attempts to continue to influence people to make bad choices.

    Big Pharma, Motrin included, DEFINITELY does NOT want the very best for our babies. Or for us. It is ALL about their profit.
    Thanks, Motrin, for reminding us!

  9. I agree that there’s a lot of ground to cover if we want to do a marketing critique of the ad copy, design, sound effects, etc., and that quite a lot of the material that has been found offensive might have been avoided with more thorough focus group testing.

    What’s really interesting to me is Motrin’s response — especially the lack of a response all weekend. It means that they aren’t monitoring their brand mentions online, and/or they don’t have adequte systems set up to respond to off-hours events.

  10. Beth -those were all great posts. If they did use I focus group I wonder what they actually gave them to focus on?

    Thanks for the post. Made sure to link to it! Love the clip by clip shots!


  11. Beth,

    The screen shots you’ve captured here really do highlight the problems with these ads. Just seeing the type without the condescending voice track got me worked up again.

    My youngest is five, but I fondly remember wearing both my children in a sling and it certainly didn’t make me cry. A sling is the equivalent to an extra pair of hands.

    Hopefully Motrin and their ad agency gets a wake up call. Insulting moms is certainly not the way to win their business.

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  18. My wife carried all three of our kids on a sling and I’m proud to say she is tough enough to withstand the jab from the silly motin ad; which is more than I can say about the women who have actually gotten up-in-arms about this. It reminds me of people who take their religion too seriously.

    Give me a break!!! Comment on something that matters (do I need to make a list here?). Stop taking Motrin; whatever. Just do something that contributes to the whole of society, not it’s decay through “anything that offends me is awful and I’m going to scream until somebody pats me on the head.” You are all babies.

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  21. twitter lost or erased all those tweets. running search #MotrinMoms no results from 2008 are given out.
    do you know what happend? is it caused by technical problems or because of motrons intervention?


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