Why LinkedIn is Great for Beginners

Photo by Nimages DR

Photo by Nimages DR

I work with people from all sorts of different types of professional descriptions, from independent artists to CEOs, but I almost always recommend they build a profile on LinkedIn as one of their first moves on the social web.  Why?

Three Reasons to Get Started on LinkedIn

  1. The interface is clean, professional, and easy to understand. It’s a great place to begin to get comfortable with connecting with others online.
  2. The focus is on your professional life, not on your friends from college, your children’s birthday parties, or what you ate for lunch. It’s easy for beginners to understand the culture of the place, and what’s considered appropriate here.
  3. It centers on people you actually know in real life. Many newcomers to social media aren’t interested in, or are hesitant about, connecting with people they haven’t yet met in “real life.” LinkedIn is all about real life connections, especially at first.

There’s a lot more, because there is a lot more to LinkedIn.  If I were to come up with another list of three reasons to use LinkedIn, it would probably begin with how great it is to give and get recommendations from your peers and colleagues.

But that’s it for today: just three good reasons for beginners to the social web to get on LinkedIn.

And if you’re not already connected with me on LinkedIn, I’d love to add you to my network.

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