The Birth of Inbound Marketing

I love a good infographic as much as — OK probably more than — the next guy. Today the folks at HubSpot (my place of employment and the source of much personal and professional joy for me) came out with this beauty:

Birth of the Internet - HubSpot

Pretty sweet, right?

Whenever I see a timeline like this, I can’t resist mentally building a personal timeline alongside it, and seeing how they intersect.

For instance, I started blogging in 2003, just before Google bought Blogger. My first blog was on Blogspot (as it was called then) and after about six months I moved over to WordPress because I liked the user interface and admin tools much better than what I was seeing in Blogspot.

It’s funny, I started blogging before most people heard of the word “blog,” but I never did own an iPod. Sure, I have an iPhone now, but I never cottoned on to that particular technological bandwagon until it was bundled with a whole bunch of other technology that I found useful.

Does that make me less of an “early adopter,” or just, like most people, a somewhat picky consumer?

How does your personal history line up with the timeline above?

  • When did you first start reading blogs?
  • What were your first thoughts when you heard about Facebook?
  • How do you feel about Facebook now?
  • What about Twitter? Do you “get it,” or are you still on the fence about it?
  • How do you think that might change in a few years? In a few months?
  • What do you think a future timeline will say about the success of the iPad?
  • Will it change how YOU live?
  • Did you think an iPod would change your life, or at least your habits, at first?
  • Did it?

I’m not making any value judgments here, you know. Just thinking out loud, about how perspectives can change, and how the alarmingly new and seemingly alien can slowly — or quickly — become as familiar as a salt shaker.

Which wasn’t invented all that long ago, either, in the scheme of things. And probably caused something of a stir, at that.

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