Bronte, Austen, and Eggplants

Beth Dunn

If I know you in life, or you follow me on Twitter, then chances are you already know about the side projects that have been consuming such a vast amount of my free time.

But in case you haven’t heard, I’m very pleased to announce two new website launches:

An Accomplished Young Lady

More of a redesign than a launch, really, as this is the blog that I started with, back in 2004. I recently redesigned and relaunched this site, to better reflect the focus it maintains on my passion for 19th century fiction, history, biography, manners, crafts, and dress — and a more personal take on my life in a tiny house on Cape Cod.

An Accomplished Young Lady


A homebase for the ever-growing number of projects I co-produce with my best friend, Melissa Averinos. Includes the full library of the short stop-motion film series known as Unicorn Stories, BronteAlong, Handmade for the Holidays, and anything else we might dream up in the future. Wondering where we came up with the name? Read all about it.


I’m still blogging here, and on the HubSpot inbound marketing blog, of course. But on the off-chance that any of this is your cup of tea, I thought you might like to know.

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