BronteAlong Roundup

So BronteAlong is only one week old, and already we’ve been picking up quite a bit of steam!

I mean, besides this kind of steam:

Jane Eyre - Fireplace Sizzle

Turns out, lots of people love Jane Eyre — and the idea of making crafty goodness inspired by the book and various movie adaptations!

Check it out:

Blog Posts from BronteAlong Participants:

Olive & Ollie (@OliveandOllie) is Very Excited to Watch the 2006 Movie

Busty LaRue (@BustyLaRue) is Re-reading Jane Eyre and Possibly Buying the 2006 Movie

Classic Girl, Modern World (@SoFunFabrics) created a Whole New Blog About Awesome Classic Lit

Gus and Lulu is Using BronteAlong as an Excuse to Read More

SugarStitches (@Sweet_Liberty) says Go Bronte Or Go Home!

A Little Light Reading is All Over Jane Eyre, and Has the Photographs to Prove It

RahRahBlog (@mconfer) wonders if She Will Love Rochester by the End of the Movie (yes)

ImageAndWord (@shemkus) thoughtfully compares Jane Eyre the Book and Jane Eyre the Movie

Pretty Bindle is Just As Obsessed About Jane and Rochester As We Are

…Is Five (@isfive) designed and posted A Gorgeous Jane Eyre-themed Embroidery Pattern

Lola Again is Obsessed With Jane and Expressing it Through a Clothing Project

Dogwood Lane Designs (@dogwoodlane) Thinks the 2006 Movie is to Die For

Wishes, True and Kind fully Supports Us in Our Jane Eyre Obsession

Juicy Bits (@jessica_leavitt) thinks Jane Eyre is the Most Smouldery of All Period Dramas

Fictional 100 (@fictional100) has a Full Page of Information About Jane Eyre-related Media

The Heroine’s Bookshelf (@heroinebook) has gathered her Favorite Jane Eyre Book Cover Designs

Twitter Stream for the #BronteAlong Hashtag

The Rapidly Growing Flickr Pool for BronteAlong (over 40 images at this writing)

The BronteAlong Facebook Group (over 50 members at this writing)

Coverage from The Egalitarian Bookworm (Chick)

Coverage from BronteBlog

…and there’s more, I know it… if you know of something BronteAlong-related that belongs here, post it in the comments and I will add it here! And don’t forget to add yourself to the Mr. Linky widget on Melissa’s blog, so we can all see who is blogging Jane Eyre with us this month!

And JOIN US if you have not already!

2 Thoughts.

  1. Classic Girl Modern World is also Tisha G. from So Fun Fabrics (@SoFunFabrics) so if you’re wondering who that fabric lady is tweeting about the Bronte-Along, it’s me! :)

    And Beth, I’ve convinced my sister to watch the movie and if I can just get her to blog about it, I’ll have her link up!

  2. Tisha – THANK YOU for reminding me!! I knew I knew who that was, but in my warm-weather-Friday-afternoon haze I couldn’t extract it from my brain! Sorry for the oversight — I’ve added the link above. And absolutely have your sister watch this awesome movie and blog it up — I will happily link!

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