Introducing Eggplantia

Eggplantia!Ladies and gentlemen! It gives me great pleasure to announce a New Thing That You Will Like! Melissa Averinos and I have officialy launched, a new online home for our many and wide-ranging joint projects.

Eggplantia, you say?

That’s right. For the full story on why we chose to name our new, shared home online Eggplantia, read the Story of Eggplantia over there.

If you’re still unclear about who we are and why we needed a new site to house our ever-expanding catalogue of Fun Things We Do, perhaps you should begin by reading All About Us, also known as Why Melissa + Beth = Awesome.

This new site will serve as the home base for projects like BronteAlong, the AustenAlong that will follow, our continuing series of short, cute films about Unicorns, and other sundry Delightful Happenings.

Still inexplicably not tempted to click on over and hit that subscribe button?

Read more about it here:

Melissa AverinosMelissa Averinos is a fabric designer, painter, good listener, and a lover of strawberry rhubarb pie. She can usually be found getting messy in the studio in the back of her Cape Cod gift shop, Yummy Goods. Her first book, Small Stash Sewing (from Wiley Publishing) is coming out in the spring of 2010. She is notable especially for her deep and abiding love of rust, dancing, making stuff, photography, Cape Cod, and her fiance. Oh, yes, and pie. She is deeply into pie.

Yummy Goods (Melissa’s Blog)

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Beth DunnBeth Dunn is a writer, a bibliophile, a knitter, and a serious lover of period drama. She can usually be found devouring some book of 19th-century British or American history, biography, or fiction. In the rare instances in which she is without a book, she will be knitting, generally ladies’ doodads of a 19th-century variety, or extremely complicated socks on very tiny needles. She lives not far from Melissa, in a tiny house on Cape Cod, where she pursues the life of a hermit, mostly. Cats are drawn to her, for obvious reasons.

An Accomplished Young Lady (Beth’s Blog)

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