Sense and Sociability

Sense and SociabilityI’ve got another new post up at the HubSpot Inbound Marketing blog — and this one is kicking off a brand new series!

Sense and Sociability – Your Guide to Social Media Etiquette

It’s my new Jane-Austen-inspired etiquette guide to social media and online behavior.

Yes, I am that kind of geek as well.

The logo was designed by my good friend Jim Hill over at Digital Quill.  Jim is also an aspiring children’s author and illustrator, and he just launched a brand new blog called — you should check it out!

If you have your own questions about social media manners for the semi-fictional but always well behaved Miss Jane, send them to me at

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  1. No one knows society better than Jane. I’d love to hear her perspective on dealing with conflict – even anger – on-line. I’ve seen a number of on-line outbursts lately and I’m curious if & when & how negative emotions should be handled in the digital social scene. Yours, as ever,

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