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Now that we’re moving on to All Things Bronte around here, I thought it only fitting and proper that I should close out the one remaining knitting project I have from the winter, post it here, and be free to move on to whatever obsessive cravat-making might necessarily follow from 32 consecutive viewings of Jane Eyre.

What? That’s totally normal.

So here is the final report on what became of the cone of handspun laceweight oatmeal yarn, originally destined to be a series of Cranford-inspired mitts, eventually fated to evolve into a large circular shawl with soft brown trim. I based the pattern loosely on the circular shawl pattern found in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s glorious Knitter’s Almanac — feel free to assume that any ridiculousness in the execution and design is mine, and not hers.

Cranford Shawl 5

Cranford Shawl 1

Cranford Shawl 4

Cranford Shawl 2

Cranford Shawl 6

Cranford Shawl 9

Photography and modeling by the divine Melissa Averinos, of course. (Note the scarf tied like a cravat. How adorable is that?!)

As it happens, Melissa is also wearing the mitts (by which I always mean fingerless gloves) that I made for her just before the holidays, and which I imbued with magical Holiday-Blues-Banishing Mojo. They are made from ultra-soft llama yarn, which probably helps.

You all do the same thing with your knitting, right? Invest it with the power to aid and comfort the wearer? I thought so.

As you can undoubtedly tell, the shawl is a very simple pattern of regular yarn-over increases, interspersed with yarn-over lace rows to beat back the inevitable tedium of non-stop stockinette. The trim is some soft brown Regia sock yarn I happened to have on hand when I was groping around for something to trim it with. I liked working with it so much that I launched right into some soft brown mitts with what was left!

I’ll have to blog the mitts next — I am super excited about them, as they are specifically designed for spring, to be lightweight and cool, with a loose, open lacework design and an extra-springy applique-type pattern that makes my heart sing with joy. Spring mitts! For a slightly chilly New England spring!

I’ll have to finish them up right quick, though, as I’m itching to start making something specifically for #Brontealong. I am thinking about two versions of the neckgear featured in the film.

One for the ladies:


And one, of course, for the men:


I might have to study this photo for some time to determine the proper pattern, of course.

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  1. Teehee! That pic of Melissa is too cute! She almost looks like she stepped out of the past. And as for that fabulous knitting, missy, I am pea green—PEA GREEN, I tell you!

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