The Official 2010 Bronte-Along

jane eyre - coverJoin us.

Melissa and I are still neck-deep in our Jane Eyre obsession (for me it is a rekindled passion, for Melissa it is new and FRESH) and we are moved by purely altrustic purposes to invite you to share our joy.

Join us in an unabashed and self-indulgent Bronte-Along, as we swoon in unison over Mr. Rochester’s bigamist charms.

In Melissa’s own words:

Required: Watch the 2006 Masterpiece Theatre film version of Jane Eyre

Encouraged: Read the book by Charlotte Bronte

As if you could help it: SWOON

Hoped for and encouraged: blog, tweet facebook about it if you are into it. Basically, I just want others to swoon with :o)

Would be awesome: Craft, paint, visual journal, etc about it! I have been so inspired to paint the characters and research the dress of the times etc, that you might be similarly swept up. If so, I would love to see your work!

Anything else? Suggestions welcome! I will compile a complete list of interested parties so we can visit everyone’s blogs and see what everyone is up to! And suggestions for requirements or encouragements will be added to an official post stating it all. I mean an unofficial post. Yeah.

The bottom line is that I am just so utterly in love with the story that I want others to share it with!



It is my secret hope that we can expand the theme, make it a true tour of the glories of the Sisters Bronte, and move on from Jane Eyre to Wuthering Heights, to enjoy Heathcliff’s sullen and vengeful brooding… and perhaps end the trip in a prolonged visit to Wildfell Hall to complete the cycle.

For although I love Jane Austen dearly, I often feel like the Bronte sisters get the short end of the stick. All this Darcying about and Colonel-Brandoning it up is quite well and good, but sometimes a girl just wants some dark and brooding moorland action to soothe her soul.

Am I wrong?

Of course I am not.

Join us.

Jane Eyre - If you must leave me

You cannot resist. Confess it.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Melissa has convinced me to join the Bronte-Along so I’ll be tweeting and blogging about it as well. Look forward to reading your posts! :)

  2. Welcome!! We had SO much fun watching JE again tonight — my head is swimming with the glory of it all. Glad to have you along!

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