April (so far) in Pictures

Oh my stars and garters! April is halfway over, and what have I to show for it?

Well, actually, quite a bit!

First of all, Spring happened:

Ella's Daffodils

This caused me to go into a bit of a frenzy of spring-flower-related knitting, which somewhat oddly included attaching little yellow flowers to anything I happened to be knitting at the time. Around here, all the yellow flowers bloom in April (daffodils, forsythia, dandelions), so yellow has just been everywhere, including in my brain, apparently.

flower socks

…and the forsythia showed up on the mitts I contributed to the giveaway on Eggplantia.com:

Forsythia mitts

I’m making a fresh pair for the winner, Minnie of RahRahBlah, so I’ve been toiling away on those for the last week or so.  Those pictured above had already been claimed by the lovely Melissa Averinos.

Sometimes, of course, we all need a little mindless knitting to keep our fingers busy. To this end, I also have this amazingly soft and silky shawl rocking out on some circular needles:

I will leave you to decipher the meaning of the initials at the top of the photo.

I’ve also got these glorious handspun, hand-dyed yarns, which I have been asked to transform into very tall socks and a 17th-century “pocket” for the knitting club at Plimoth Plantation, to be worn by one of the historical interpreters at the museum.

Plimoth Yarns

…and I’ve been trembling with excitement to get started on these, but for some reason I decided this project was a good reason to buy my first swift (I have always been a staunch hand-winder until now, but have finally been converted after watching a friend use her swift, causing my jaw to drop to the floor in admiration). So I told myself I would start these two projects when the swift I ordered from WEBS arrived, only to be repeatedly THWARTED. The dang delivery has been misdirected TWICE now, sent back to WEBS by the postal service, resent by WEBS to the wrong address again…  And still I wait.

I shall keep you posted.

In non-knitting news, I have of course been working quite a lot as a technology-and-marketing geek at my beloved start-up company in Cambridge, MA. I have a really long commute, so I sometimes sleep over, when late meetings one evening are followed by early meetings the next morning. I have a Favorite Inn at which I always stay, which is so lovely in every detail that I really must devote an entire post to it one of these days.

Here is the fireplace of the room I stayed in last week:


And I have many more pictures of this enchanting place that I want to show you, but I can NOT locate them, to my deep chagrin. I will take more for you and post them anon.

And the last little bit of news I have to report is that I received my Master’s robe, hood and gown in the mail a week or so ago, which I will wear next month when I officially receive my MBA in front of throngs of (mostly other people’s) friends and families.  My posture, I assure you, will be flawless:

hood and robe

Not hand-crafted, to be sure, but still something that will give me great joy to wear.

What have you been up to this month, my deers?

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