Cracking Each Other Up

So it appears that I will be attending Quilt Market 2010 in just Two Short Weeks! Melissa’s book is launching officially at Quilt Market, she’ll be signing books and giving talks and being generally amazing in every way.

And I am coming along.

Do I have a Secret Hidden Agenda?


But now I shall distract you from my Tantalizing Secret Hidden Agenda! Look at this video Melissa and I made to promote her new book, Small Stash Sewing:

That little Unicorn at the end is of course THE Unicorn that we made a bunch of short movies about last summer and fall. This one is my favorite (although you can see them all here):

I love making silly videos. I always have my little Flip camera lying somewhere around, at the ready. Chck out this bit of nonsense from last summer — we had just gorged ourselves on pie (or was it crisp? whatever it was, it was delicious, and we ATE IT ALL):

When Melissa and I do something together, our basic mission statement seems to be that it cracks us both the heck up. As long as that requirement is fulfilled, then basically any crazy old project is a go.

Shall I be making some silly little videos at Quilt Market in a couple of weeks?

Oh, I think you may be certain of that.

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