Quilt Market – Part 1

I’m at Quilt Market Spring 2010 here in Minneapolis, and I’ve only just this evening been able to gather enough breath (and wifi) to blog about it.

There is a LOT to blog about, my fiends.

I’m here as the guest and Special Assistant to my dearest fiend Melissa Averinos, who is here promoting her fabulous new book, Small Stash Sewing. I am pretty darn-tootin’ psyched to be here, too, as I have a deep fondness for any variety of Geek Culture. Whatever it is you geek out on, I love to see you at it.

These guys? They seriously heart fabric.

Rock on. I’m in.

I set out early Thursday morning — parked my car at the Park & Ride in Barnstable to take the bus into the city. This is the very same routine I follow every single day I go into the office in Cambridge, only this time I was taking the “Logan Express” to the airport, not the commuter special to South Station.

I brought along a friend to keep me company on the journey:

Fairfax on his way to QuiltMarket

His name is Fairfax. And yes, that is a miniature cravat he is wearing.


At the Barnstable Park and Ride

On the plane, they claimed to have wifi, but it didn’t work for me. Alas.

On the plane - OMG Wifi

I met up with the DELIGHTFUL Violet Craft at the airport, and we shared a cab to the B&B we were lodging in for the duration of Quilt Market, thanks to the peerless B&B-locating ability of Melissa Averinos.

Violet Craft and Fairfax

After checking in at The Digs, we made our way to the Minneapolis Convention Center, where Quilt Market was already in full swing.

First stop, coffee.

Dunn Bros

What a great name for a coffee shop chain!

We scootched up to the front row (OK we sat on the floor) at Lizzy House’s schoolhouse, where she simultaneously showed off her new fabric line and schooled the audience on how to treat their younger quilters and fabric geeks (“Be nice to them! Stock the stuff they want to buy! Try being open when they are not at work! etc. It was pretty rad).

Lizzy House again

Lizzy House 3

Lizzy House Quilt 1

Then it was time for the Fabric 2.0 confab, in the lounge of the Millennium Hotel:

Fabric 2.0 sign

Melissa at Fabric 2.0

Schmooze fest

Fabric 2.0

This was also pretty rad.

Then we got all sleepytimes, I must say, after all that travel and all that fun and excitement, so we repaired to our glorious B&B a couple of miles away and slept the night away.

Now let me catch my breath again and we’ll see if I can muster up a Part Two post in a little bit. Stay tuned, because Part Two includes things like Melissa’s book release party, hosted by the good folks at Wiley, her book signing the next morning, and CAKE PARTY!

You have to say it like that.


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