Quilt Market – The Digs

The lovely Melissa Averinos is responsible for setting us up in the most amazing bed & breakfast possible here in Minneapolis. It’s just an unassuming three-story house in a leafy neighborhood in what is apparently known as Lowry Hill East.  But once you step inside… well, a series of gasps is really the only appropriate response.

View in the front window at Evelos


They seem to have a thing for lamps.






Amazing wallpaper in the dining room:


Let’s look at that wallpaper in a little more detail, shall we?


I will leave you, for now, with a quick little video of the bed I found waiting for me on the third floor, up a narrow back stairway to a nook of a room. Melissa had prepared a special treat for me — a welcoming committee of friends:

More (much more) to come.

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