Thick and Thin

And what are you doing on this fine, fine holiday weekend?

Me, I’m knitting.

In between various getting-ready-for-London chores and errands, of course.

I tend to get tremendously anxious just before I travel — even when I am totally excited to go! — so this time I am trying to distract myself by messing about with some insanely delicious, handspun yarn, and the possibilities therein.


After running around a little this morning, I sat down in front of a baseball game and spread this skein out across my lap, running it through my fingers and considering what I should make with it.

It needs to be a BronteAlong-themed project, of course, since the yarn itself was created as a BronteAlong craft! A few weeks ago, I noticed a #BronteAlong tweet from somebody named @Blondechicken, saying that she was spinning some yarn while watching Jane Eyre.

Well, clearly I needed to get my hands on some of that.

with toe for scale

I took that yarn right off her hands, I did. I don’t even think it got a chance to get listed in her Etsy shop, I nabbed it so dang fast.

Such lovely greys and pinks, all swirled in with little bits of slate blues here and there…

Naturally, I started thinking right away about what to do with it. Something Jane Eyre-related, naturally. Something with which one might stagger across the moors.

hand wound

So while I am nipping off every now and then to do London-related things, like the laundry, and the sorting of paperwork, and the planning of walks through parks, and the finding of purveyers of tea, and the printing out of tickets to a certain play at the Old Vic

I am knitting.

What will it be?

Well, my deers. We shall have to wait and see, won’t we?

just the beginning

And what are you up to, my fiends?

3 Thoughts.

  1. so completely jealous of the whole london trip, but now that i see what play you are going to am turning green and may need to weep a few envious tears.

    your wool is beautiful!

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