A Note From Captain Wentworth

You’ll never believe what came in the mail today.

It came from Brazil, with lots of exciting-looking postage!

Postage from Brazil

I did that thing where you fondle the thing inside the package, to see what it might be. Because I had sort of forgotten what I had ordered from Brazil.¬† (I order a lot of things on a whim. It’s a fault that I have no immediate plans to correct.)

Once I felt it, I knew immediately what it must be.

A notebook. Handbound, with creamy white pages on the inside. A sweet little tapestry bookmark. With beads and tassels.

But none of that is really why I ordered it.

Tapestry Bookmark

The maritime-y insignia on the front is a clue.

A Naval Insignia


Open the flyleaf.

Written in gorgeous longhand is the best letter Jane Austen ever wrote — and, I would say, the only time she ever really got the narrative climax scene right, without any goddamn, infernally coy drawing-of-the-veil-over-the-lovers’-scene.

Nope. This one is pure, raw emotion.

It helps that it includes the word “agony,” I will admit.

You pierce my soul

You alone have brought me to Bath.

It continues on the back flyleaf.

I can hardly write.

I must go, uncertain of my fate

Aw. Yeah.

Captain Wentworth, baby.

Don’t worry, you can get one, too. Don’t even try to pretend you don’t want one.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Dear Beth,

    only now I have discovered you blog! Thank you very much for your kind words about my little notebook!

    May I use one or two images from your blog to write about at my blog, all with due credit?

    thanks again, raquel

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