“…and the sea gave up the dead that were in it”

There was this one sculpture in the V&A Museum in London.

You know when you’re wandering around a museum for hours, and you sort of become inured to how gorgeously breathtaking absolutely everything is, absolutely everywhere you look?

And then you see something that makes you stop, and stand perfectly still?

This was that thing for me, two weeks ago at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

and the sea gave up the dead that were in it

Let’s leave aside for the moment the technical mastery of the human form, the draped fabric, the long hair snapping in a perceptible wind…

There’s this… veil. Over the statue’s face. It is, naturally, made of stone.

Veil detail

Just the barest, shimmering, hint of flimsy, transparent fabric draped over the figure’s face. Merely suggested by the placement of a few folds over the eyes, nose, and mouth.


How do you even do that?

Images by seriykotik1970

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