Beth Hearts Moon

I’ve been doodling in whitework embroidery all week.

I’ve got my little wooden hoop sitting on my desk at home (where I work most days), with a length of muslin stretched across it, and a needle threaded with ivory-colored floss at the ready.

Every few hours or so, I take about a five-minute break and doodle something else.


I’m not really an Accomplished Young Embroiderer just yet, you see. So I am practicing.


Different patterns, different stitches, different ideas floating through my brain…


Last night, I finally felt like I wanted to do something more planned — something to a defined pattern — something with a predetermined outcome in mind. (When you are doodling, of course, you can always change your mind about what it is you are making. Circles become squares — who’s to know or care? Faces become landscapes. Fishes become palm trees. It’s all good.)

So I picked up a little half-begun project from months ago, one from my deer fiend Melissa‘s new book, Small Stash Sewing, Unicorn *Hearts* Moon.

And oh! How my fingers flew! How time passed happily! How the thread actually did my bidding! How… things came out the way I hoped they would!!

Seriously, little hearts were popping all around my contented little face.

moon on the hoop

By the way, if you’re making stuff out of Melissa’s new book, or if you just want to see what other folks have been making out of it, you should totally check out the Flickr Photo Pool for Small Stash Sewing.

Just look at the crazy things some people get up to!


Unicorn frolics in the flower beds.

Owlie McPillowpants

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