Everything Austen II

Jane AustenStephanie’s Written Word is hosting Everything Austen II, a six-month-long joyride through just about anything Jane Austen-related you can come up with.

Participants choose six Austen-related things they want to accomplish between July and January, commit to them on their blogs, and then have fun and keep each other honest in the months that follow.

It’s got everything I like in an online whatever-along — it’s open-ended, fluid, and fun. It allows people to participate in whatever way holds the most appeal to them. Over two hundred people participated last year, so at the very least this serves as an excellent opportunity to meet and follow other similarly like-minded folk across the interwebs.

I’m doing it! Here’s my list:

  1. Find and follow five new Austen-lovin’ peeps every month.
  2. Promote those peeps via either a Twitter #FF tag or an actual shout-out post here.
  3. Become an official Friend of The Jane Austen Festival in Bath
  4. Re-read Northanger Abbey and post about it
  5. Write one short story taking place in Austen’s time

Seriously, I think the MOST Jane-Austen-themed thing that a person can possibly do is sit at home and write an abnormally entertaining story about normal people doing normal things. With perhaps a soup├žon of snark added for flavor.

What about you? You in?

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hey Beth! I joined this event, found it thanks to you. Yay.

    Just wondering: are you and Melissa still planning for an Austen-along?

  2. Yay! You know, we haven’t talked about it lately — when I saw this event I knew I wanted to jump in anyway. We’ll keep you posted!

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