#OMGLondon – Part I

Melissa and I returned home yesterday from #OMGLondon, and I am itching to go back already. I had planned this trip as a quick hit — just a few days, nothing elaborate — and now I’m come back and I feel like I could have stayed there for at least another week. Maybe a month.

Maybe I was fantasizing about making very regular, prolonged visits.

Seriously, this wasn’t my first time to England, but this time something magical was happening. Part of it was traveling with Melissa, who is a seriously fantastic traveling companion. Part of it was the golden light in the early summer afternoon, washing the limestone facades of Bath in a warm glow that whispered stay…

It was seriously great.

We left Cape Cod on a very foggy Wednesday morning, and arrived in London on a ridiculously balmy and mild Wednesday evening. Our taxi driver sped us through the streets of London in the violet-blue twilight:


We checked in at our hotel and then took a stroll around the neighborhood, which included a couple of landmarks we would be spending more time with later in the week:

Old Vic

In the morning, we had breakfast in the hotel.  Melissa was very happy to find that tiny little packets of Nutella abounded in the breakfast room (Check out those crazy chandeliers!):


Our neighborhood on the southbank near the Westminster Bridge also included this vaguely sinister sight:


It’s the London Eye, it’s an “Observation Wheel” and NOT a “Ferris Wheel,” it is HUGE, and it glows red in the evening. We couldn’t stop calling it The Eye of Sauron.

Seriously, though — is the London sky even allowed to be that blue? It was amazing.

We then proceeded to take the same photographs that five million other tourists take every day. Had to be done.




We saw unicorns everywhere:


Which was thoroughly documented by Melissa:


I was excited to see that cats remain popular in London:


And that they love sitting in the sun, no matter where they might be found:


Adorable freaking cat paws.

So that first full day was spent out in the glorious sunshine, taking pictures and being tourists in the city center.  We strolled from our hotel across Westminster Bridge, took a right at Whitehall and walked up to Trafalgar Square, where we met up with a crafty pal who had come into the city just to say hello to us and have some cakes and coffee.

More on that in the next #OMGLondon post, my deers…

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