Birthday Bunny Blanket Bingo

Last Friday night was one of the best Friday nights a girl could have.

Melissa and I celebrated our birthdays together by sitting in my living room, eating lots of cheese (#cheesedinner!) and Jordan almonds (Yum!), and watching about 5 hours of costume drama (Wives and Daughters – awesome!).

Fairfax came along. He always likes to be where the party is.

Fairfax mounts the Stilton

Yes, that is a cravat and stiff white collar he is wearing. What?

I might possibly have gone a little overboard in choosing the spread for our little #DoubleBirthday party. I have been known to go overboard before. Maybe once or twice.

spreads spread

Fresh berry salad (raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries), four kinds of cheese (Stilton, Cheddar, Goat Brie, and Wensleydale), Two kinds of crackers (Stone Wheat Thins and Water Crackers with cracked black pepper), Summer in a Can (AKA San Pellegrino Limonata), red grapes, Jordan Almonds…

Cheese dinner (the healthy part)

Melissa gave me my birthday present before we got started, which was good planning on her part, since I needed at least a half hour just to swoon over it.

It’s an amazing quilted lap blanket, all in shades of green (my favorite), to match the bunny blanket duvet she made me not long ago.

Here is the duvet, in case you forgot:


For more, and much better pictures of the duvet, do check out Melissa’s post on the subject.

The bunny part refers to the frolicking bunnies in one of the featured fabrics. Those bunnies are doing some serious frolicking, flipping all over the place in their formal top hats:


So now I have (1) a bunny blanket duvet, (2) two matching pillows (each one with a piece of the bunny fabric that I falteringly hand quilted last summer), (3) an embroidered Moon pillow, and (4) a quilted lap blanket. Oh yes, and a sweet little pieced lavender sachet in the same awesome shades of green.


I am a bit of an old lady in many ways, and so I tend to always have a lap blanket covering my lower half while I sit on the couch or in front of the computer. I don’t know why; I just like having a blanket around my legs. My feet get cold.

Today I decided the quilted lap blanket deserved a it of a photo shoot in my yard, which is blooming like crazy right now with great swaths of bright yellow wildflowers and puffy little beds of grey-green and pale lavender heather.

So here is the lap blanket, front:





I’m crazy about this green, tree-covered fabric with the little white dots. Sometimes I think they look like stars, sometimes like fireflies, sometimes like snow.  Today, they are fireflies.

firefly trees

Just a little bit of bunny fabric, to keep up the theme:

bunny patch

Clever folded-over binding, again in my firefly-forest fabric:

tree binding

And here is the back:



It got the Satchel Seal of Approval without any hesitation on his part whatsoever:

Satchel and bunny blanket

And we ate far too much cheese, and nibbled on berries, and laughed ourselves silly all night long.

Happy #DoubleBirthday To Us.


4 Thoughts.

  1. wow, I love it all! cheese! berries! and that tree fabric!! You probably wouldn’t believe that I spent a good part of this morning searching for tree/forest fabric for a little project I had in mind…

    sounds like a divine way to spend any day but especially a double birthday!

  2. It is SO CRAZY. . . after waiting for what feels like forever, I finally got our library copy of Small Stash Sewing today, and was looking at the moon pillow. . . and thinking about making it, and then I found your page from Quilt Dad’s (whose page I randomly found one day when looking for quilting blogs). . . and, well, Happy Belated Birthday. . . your pillow is awesome. I’m definitely going to have to make one for myself.

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