Castle Peeps Summer Camp

Castle PeepsThe inimitable Lizzy House has announced the first Castle Peeps Summer Camp, featuring eight weeks’ worth of fun activities and projects, guided by some pretty awesome “camp counselors.”

Here’s what Lizzy has to say about the project:

“Today is the very first day of the very first Castle Peeps Summer Camp! Over the next 8 weeks, every Thursday one of your CPSC counselors will post a new project for you and your little peeps to make!

Take a look at our your counselors blogs! Each camp destination will offer a pdf to literally increase your summer fun. It’s a proven fact.”

And here’s the list of Camp Counselors:

Cherri of Cherry House Quilts

Monica of the Happy Zombie

Julie of Jaybird Quilts

Maya of Maya*Made

Amanda of Modern Acorn

I met Lizzy at Quilt Market in Minneapolis, and she is what the ladies in my neighborhood would call “a real firecracker.” I could tell you about how she is a young fabric designer, with an MFA and a highly individual sense of humor and fun and BLAH BLAH BLAH…

…but the most interesting thing, I thing you’ll agree, about Lizzy House is that she is the founder of CAKE PARTY.

And that alone makes me want to march in her parade.

Here’s Lizzy handing out cake at Quilt Market a couple of months ago:

Lizzy House at Cake Party

And this is the amazing Princess Cake that was (I believe) the clear winner among the many worthy, upstanding Cake Candidates that day (photo by Melissa Averinos):

cake party

This is evidence enough of the inherent merit in Lizzy House Projects, don’t you think?

Check out her Castle Peeps Summer Camp, you guys.

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