The Long Awaited Party

The Long Awaited PartyIt’s my one hundred and eleventieth birthday!

Well, maybe not quite that birthday yet, but close!

I am celebrating my birthday by working a moderately grueling 14-hour day, but that hasn’t stopped it from being awesome and delightful in many many ways!

First of all, people kept texting me and facebooking me and tweeting me all day long to wish me a happy birthday, which I’ll admit has been pretty sweet. And my mom and dad each stopped by (at different times) to drop off a present and/or card! Also awesome! And charmingly low-tech! Face-to-face contact! Fancy that!

Melissa and I are planning to celebrate our birthdays together on Friday, since our birthdays are only a week apart and we each had to work on our respective days and be isolated sad tomatoes.

So frolicking is scheduled for Friday evening, and I believe that we have plans for the consumption of many hours of costume drama. And probably cupcakes.

Definitely cupcakes.

Not sure what the movie’s going to be — I think either Bleak House (which I have seen but Melissa has not) or Wives and Daughters (which neither of us has seen). I dunno.

There isn’t anyone tremendously dishy in either one (to my knowledge), so we might have to throw in a little eye candy there too at some point. Maybe an appetizer of Gosford Park? We shall see.

I am certain that it will be wonderful, despite having had to wait a few days for it. Maybe even because of having to wait a few days for it.


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  1. Whoa, whoa you know MMcF is in Bleak House right? I’d say he’s at least a little dishy! But you’re right about Wives and Daughters, I can’t think of any hotness in that one…now if we were talking North & South that would be a different discussion!

    Happy Birthday (again) and yes, lemon cupcakes sound divine!

  2. wait, wait, no he isn’t… you’re thinking of Little Dorrit! Show me MMcF in Bleak House…

  3. Oh yes, you’re right! So sorry, I watched them both back to back while I was quilting for Quilt Market and got confused! But yes, Little Dorrit and MMcF – yum! I just watched Pocket Full of Rye last week and was so happy he was there.

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