Happy Birthday Melissa! Now, Look Away!

Today is the birthday of one of my absolutely favorite people in the whole world. Can you guess who it is?


Together, we have made Unicorn Stories, created websites, shared our obsession with the Brontes with the entire internet, and oh yeah, made a trip to #OMGLondon together.

In the last year, Melissa has published her first book, Small Stash Sewing , knocked ’em dead at Quilt Market with her public speaking skillz, and (just about) come out with her second line of designer fabric.

She is mad talented, yo. And I seriously heart her like crazy.

It is the birthday of the lovely Melissa Averinos today, and I am not with her, because I am still desperately trying to finish her birthday present, which is TOP SECRET but involves a very small needle and some very fine thread and perhaps some incredibly good muslin but which is NOT YET FINISHED and so I have failed as a friend.

But wait!! Maybe you can help me out! You want to help me out, right?

Well don’t you?

I’m going to take that silence as a resounding YES.

Here’s how you can help. Do me a HUGE FAVOR and distract Melissa from the continued non-appearance of her TOP SECRET BIRTHDAY PRESENT by going to her BRAND NEW ONLINE STORE and buying something.

Anything will do!

Seriously, this will keep her busy enough for the next couple of hours so that she will think only a few passing thoughts about where her best friend might be with her TOP SECRET BIRTHDAY PRESENT.


Help a sister out?

Here’s the link to the online Yummy Goods store. There is so much great stuff in there! Like this Jane Austen Action Figure! And this dreamy lavender-rosemary handmade soap!  And holy cow, what about these scented soy candles?

Seriously, I am sure that if you try only a little bit hard, you will find something you NEED and that you need to buy NOW.

For me? this once?

And I promise I will tell you all about the TOP SECRET BIRTHDAY PRESENT just as soon as she leaves the room.

You can keep a secret, can’t you, internet?

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