Another Evening in Paradise

Today was a special day for me — an anniversary of sorts — so I went out after work and celebrated with friends. After that little gathering was over, I drove out to Chatham to watch a free concert by my good friends in Tripping Lily.


Not only are they one of my very favorite bands (not one of my favorite LOCAL bands, though they are certainly that — one of my favorite BANDS), but they are pretty much the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

You should seriously buy their latest CD, The Day That Everything Became Nothing. (Do it now.) It is the sound of summer, as far as I am concerned, and it fills me with great joy.

You like joy, right?

It was a perfect, perfect summer evening. Children were running all over the place, dancing and chasing each other and shrieking with happiness.

I kind of wanted to shriek with happiness, too.

Later, my husband Matt (who was working sound for the band this evening, as it happened) and I went across the street to the Chatham Squire for dinner. It was a pure summertime indulgence meal — smoked bluefish appetizer followed by a great big pile of fried, whole-bellied clams. Better yet, an old friend from my theater days was there.

Folks from my theater days make me happy, too. Even happier than fried clams in summertime, which is saying something.

Are you listening to your Tripping Lily CD yet? Are you smelling the sea salt in the air? Feeling the weight of just a little bit too much fried food in your belly, the itch of a bug bite or two on your ankle, and the tickling of grass between your toes?

It was a very good day to be alive, today was.

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