Quilt Dad = Awesome

Last month I decided to buy myself a Kindle for my birthday, and when I mentioned this on Twitter, QuiltDad stepped right up and offered to make me a custom Kindle cover!

It came in the mail yesterday, and I feel it is my duty to share with you how wonderful it, and by extension, QuiltDad is.

I met QuiltDad at Quilt Market this spring. Look, here he is with Melissa after her book signing:

Quilt Dad and Melissa Averinos

He asked me if I had any color or fabric preferences, to which I think I sort mumbled back I like old-fashioned things.

Here is what he made, with that really not-very-helpful bit of information:

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (front leafy detail)

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (open leafy)

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (front detail leafy)

The fabric, of course, is Lizzy House‘s Castle Peeps.

And I’m not entirely sure I can express how much I love it.

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (front close)

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (Back leafy detail)

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (Front Leafy)

Castle Peeps Kindle Cover (Back Detail)

It’s perfect. Especially since I have been on a Georgette Heyer kick lately, gobbling down her Regency romances like they were candy (which they kind of are).

(It’s very easy to gobble books down like candy on a Kindle, since you can download them right then and there, whenever the fancy strikes you.  Believe me, a Kindle is a very dangerous device to put in the hands of somebody as addicted to both books AND instant gratification as I am.)

Of course, Castle Peeps is more Medieval in theme than Regency, but it actually really fits, considering how obsessed with chivalry and manners the characters in Heyer’s books are.  They are mm-mm-palm-throbbin’ good!

If you want to read along with me, I highly recommend starting off with The Convenient Marriage. It features one of the more delightful heroes it has ever been my pleasure to make the acquaintance of, and I expect that you might also enjoy his sardonic, witty charm.

No Regency hero is more delightful, of course, than the inestimable QuiltDad. If you don’t already, I think you should follow him on Twitter and tell him what a very nice person he is for me.

Thank you, QuiltDad!

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  1. Doesn’t John just rock? I’m so so happy we’re friends and he brings such happiness with him wherever he goes! That Kindle cover he made you is super-awesome and I know you’ll get lots of use out of it 😉

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