The True Beginning of the Year

Fall colorsI’ve always been a bit of an academic at heart, and so I always feel like September is really the beginning of the new year, not January. How bizarre is it to think of January as the beginning of anything? But Autumn, now, that’s a clear, obvious, vivid transition period. The old passes away. The new begins.

I’m transitioning into a new role at HubSpot, where I have for some time now worked as a Premium Support Consultant, working one-on-one with our Premium customers. Starting next week, I’ll be working more directly with our entire customer base, as I’ll be moving into managing the customer forums and creating all the support documentation and instructional materials for customers and users of the software. It all adds up to much less time spent on the phone, one customer at a time, and more time spent on the computer, creating articles, videos, webinars, and such for the consumption of our entire online community.

I’m just about as excited as a person can be for this transition, because I really love writing, editing, and making little videos more than just about anything else.

Of course, I am also tremendously excited that Fall is almost here. I know that’s not a terribly popular position to take, but there it is. I am just much more of a Fall and Winter kind of person, Spring is OK, but Summer is really right out. Far too hot, for my tastes, and there’s all this pressure to be Spending Time Outside, which is vastly overrated, in my opinion.

It’s time now for baseball to get really exciting, for football to start (annoyingly) horning its way in on baseball’s airtime; for sweaters and jeans and scarfs and jackets. All those things spell “awesome” to me. Except maybe for the football. But whatever. You can’t have everything.

How was your summer? What’s on tap for Fall?

Image by Denis Collette

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