An Exhibit, A Play, and A Flimsy Excuse

I’ve been eyeing the Threads of Feeling exhibit at the Foundling Museum in London ever since I heard about it a month ago, and have, in fact, been seriously considering timing my next trip to London specifically to coincide with its run.

This review of the Threads of Feeling exhibit, by the lovely Julie at, has completely settled the matter for me.

I’ll be there.

Don’t believe me? Have you read the review yet?

And have we met? Because I’ve yet to see an exhibit that has my name written all over it to quite the extent that this one does.

H’m let’s see: London, an 18th century orphanage, original fabric swatches and handwritten notes left behind by thousands of young ladies who had been “compromised,” as they say…

Seriously, could anything possibly be more rad?

And oh, h’mmm, what’s this?

A play starring Tom Hollander and Lisa Dillon at the Old Vic? Closing the same weekend as the Foundling Museum exhibit closes?

Well, gosh.

I think that pretty much settles it.

I mean, good things tend to happen when we go to the Old Vic.

#OMGLondon 2.0, anyone?

3 Thoughts.

  1. Oh you should go. As should I. But how bizarre is it that I find out about this from you when I live in OMGLondon? I blame the baby – I don’t get out so much anymore…

  2. OMG, I discovered your twitter & then your blog through the Downton Abbey PBS twitter party and I am *so very grateful* for the internets right now! Last week I booked a flight to London (my first trip over the pond!) to finally meet my best blogging buddy in Edinburgh. Before I head up to Scotland I have 3 days in London to squeeze as much as possible in and while I want to think I would have found out about this exhibit during my research, I can’t say that for sure. Now, thanks to you, when my plane lands at 7:25am on MARCH 6th, I am heading straight for the place I’m staying, taking a shower, then hoping on the tube and going to this exhibit. Then I will cry because I will be jet lagged and shocked that I’m actually in London, looking at original fabric swatches and staying at a flat that is literally around the corner from one of Henry Austen’s houses where Jane herself stayed.

    So thank you Beth, thank you #DowntonPBS and thank you internet—you really are the best.

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