yes she said yes i will yes

I only have two things to say right now, and this is what they are:

The first thing is that Melissa Averinos is the best friend ever, well, for a whole host of reasons, really, but at this moment also because she of all people knew that all I really wanted for Christmas was a set of bright white handkerchiefs, beautifully embroidered in the corner with the initials of Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester.

That's "Edward Fairfax Rochester" to you.

I mean really. How great is that?

Suitable, naturally, for sobbing into, while standing under a very large tree near Thornfield, just before one of the best proposal scenes ever.

The second thing is that you should go see The King’s Speech.



With ever-increasing intensity.




…yeah, that’s about as much of a cogent review as you’re going to get out of me, I’m afraid. I just don’t have it in me tonight, not after watching that movie and then instantly wanting to watch it again. If it were a book, I already would have read it twice.

And besides, I’ve got another 3,000 words to write tonight.

Just go.

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  1. I saw The King’s Speech last Tuesday and it was so, so, so, soooooo good! I loved every second of it, and I’m right there with you – I want to watch it again RIGHT NOW! And it IS a book; I was just looking at it the other day at the bookstore and will definitely be reading it soon!

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