OMGLondon2 – The Official Trailer

Well, my lovelies, we leave for London in just three short days, and let me tell you, we are all a-quiver with anticipation. We leave on the red eye Wednesday night, and arrive in Heathrow far too early on Thursday morning. After a few action-packed days in London, we move west and take up temporary residence in Bath.

And just how long have I been dying to say that?

If you were with us last year for OMGLondon (original flavor), you’ll recall that we stayed on the South Bank last time, so that every morning when we woke up and walked into town, this is what we saw:


Pretty sweet, right? Well, just WAIT until you see where we are staying this year.

No, I said WAIT.

Hee hee! I love suspense, don’t you?

In short, we fell in love with at least two really big things while we were there last year:

  1. The Victoria and Albert Museum
  2. Bath

I mean, besides the Everything Else about London that we loved. Besides that.

So this trip is kind of built around spending a whole lot more time with those two places. For one thing, we’ll be staying within walking distance of the V&A this time (look at that! A hint!), so that we can wander in and out at will, and really roll around shamelessly in all the unending delights therein.


In fact, we fully intend to treat the William Morris Room in the V&A as our own personal drawing room while we’re in town. We will be receiving callers during select hours in the afternoon, and would be honored by the pleasure of your company if you should happen to stop by.

In fact, can you keep a secret? Because we actually already expect to have one or two Very Special Guests stop by and join us for tea in the William Morris Room one of the days we are there.




But fear not, for we will also be finding new adventures, as well as revisiting old ones.

For instance, we will be taking at least one walk out of Louise Allen’s Walks Through Regency London book, most likely the extensive meander she has laid out through St. James Square, so that we can visit the site of so much of the Regency tomfoolery there, what with all the gentlemen’s clubs, coffee shops, boot makers, and other Regency-era delights to be found there.

Not least of which, of course, involves this fine gentleman:

Beau Brummell statue

We even plan to have a Very Special Guest accompany us for this walk.


And of course we will be visiting the Threads of Feeling exhibit at The Foundling Museum, because it sounds absolutely perfect in every possible way.

And we’re going back to the Old Vic, this time to see Tom Hollander in A Flea in Her Ear.

Old Vic

Last year, we saw Toby Stephens perform the lead role in The Real Thing. And we ran into a few other friends, too. We hope for nothing less than a repeat of this delightful experience this time around.

You might also recall that we only went on an extremely brief day trip to Bath last time. It was the first time to that lovely city for both of us, and the fact that we had to leave again after just two short hours made us extremely sad.

Which resulted in the picture below, forever after known as “Sad Bath Face.”

This is what two ladies who love Bath look like when they have been told that they must leave Bath in just a few minutes, after far too brief a visit:

Sad Bath Face

So this time we will be making “Happy Bath Face” for three whole days. At least, that is the plan.


We’ll be staying just a scone’s throw from the Royal Crescent when we’re in Bath, so one of the main events that we have planned for our stay is a tour of that terribly august Georgian house museum, No. 1 Royal Crescent.

And you guessed it, we’ve lined up yet another Very Special Guest for this museum visit, as well, so you know the drill by now…


Such fun!

Other than that, and of course other than all the usual other sights to be seen in Bath, we expect to do a fair bit of wandering, poking around, aimless meandering… you get the idea.


And of course, we promise we’ll come back and tell you all about it.

4 Thoughts.

  1. I’m going to have to unsubscribe to this blog. Right now. The amount of jealously consuming me is a bit unbearable.


    EEEEK! What a great trip! And I am very very very jealous of all the time that you will be spending at the VA. When I was in London a few years ago, it was the one place I traveled off to on my own because I was dying to see it. Sadly I spent too much time at the Tower of London and I made it there about 5 minutes before closing :( I made it through security and then was ushered through the closed gift shop and out the other door.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. Gawd Beth, I’m so frick-fracking jealous! I know you two are going to have a lovely time (again!); I hope to see LOTS of pictures when you guys get back!

  3. I hope you take in the British Library and see the “Jane Eyre” manuscript, open during our visit last September to Charlotte’s most charming: “Reader, I married him.”

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