Jane Rotrosen AgencyWe interrupt this story to make this brief announcement:

I have just signed with a literary agent.

OK, let’s be honest. I have just signed with a really really great literary agent, who works at a really, really great agency.

It just makes no sense to be all coy about it.  Because I am feeling pretty jump-up-and-down about it, in all honesty.

You do recall how I was writing a book, right? And how, a little while later, I finished it?

Well, after a few months of revising, revising, and more revising, I did what one does. I sent it to a literary agent. One. Single. Solitary. Literary agent. Who was very kindly recommended to me by a friend. I figured I could start querying other agents later, if this one really great agent decided that my book wasn’t for her.

Three weeks later — this past Monday, in fact — she called me to tell me that she loved my book. And she wanted to represent me.

Now, I’m pretty sure that none of this is really supposed to happen this way. That I should have had to complete two or three more Heroic Quests or Feats of Strength to finally get to this point. But it has happened, and I am not going to argue with it for ONE SINGLE MINUTE.

In short:

I am thrilled to announce that I have signed with Christina Hogrebe of the Jane Rotrosen Agency.

Due to the exhausting nature of the events of this week, which have included:

  • Two public speaking engagements in two different cities
  • The normal requirements of my awesome full-time job
  • The continuing work involved in running my other side project, Writers for the Red Cross
  • The Getting of An Agent
  • The need to sleep, at least once in a while

…I have had to put a temporary hold on my OMGLondon and OMGBath posts. I will resume them shortly, I promise. But right now, I sort of think that I might need to take a short breather.

And do a little dance. Give a little yell. Sing a little song.

And then, perhaps, take a little nap.


8 Thoughts.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So lucky not to have to endure any further Heroic Quests or Feats of Strength (although they sound like they might have made fun reading!) and be straight in there with a success!


  2. There’s a lyric in between “sing a little song” and “get down tonight” that seems to be missing here. Sort of. Maybe. Ish.

    Very many congratulations. No one deserves it more. Both the congrats and the “naps.”

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