Tired from London, Not Tired of Life

Just wanted to poke my head up for a moment to say hello and confirm that yes, I have returned safely from OMGLondon and OMGBath, and it was glorious. Hopefully, you maintained sporadic contact by following my occasional updates on Twitter and Facebook, but if not, then never fear, for the full review will be arriving shortly.

Lots of photos to sort through, lots of notes and program books and other ephemera to shake out of pockets and shop packages.

And, sadly, lots of napping and nose-blowing to be done, too. Melissa started the trip off with a damned head cold, which she still has, and I came down with the same damned head cold a few days before we came home, and am currently squeezed fast in its grip. It is kind of taking precedence over just about everything else right now, alas.

So the Full Report — on my end at least — might not in fact start spooling off the reel until Monday. Lots to do, and, as I say, a fair bit of it involves sleeping. You understand.

In the meantime, here are some teaser photos.  A hint of things to come, as it were.







history floor







I’m off to bed again, with a pot of tea and cats to comfort me. What are you up to on this fine Saturday morn?


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